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My name is Evan Hecht and I am the creator of MonoChrome Bullet. MonoChrome Bullet is a game where you re-use the same bullet. Your gun is enlarged at the bottom of the screen, and you must interact with it to load and shoot it. Using the mouse, you can manipulate the gun’s slide and trigger. To fire the gun, drag the bullet into open chamber of the gun when the slide is pulled back. Close the slide, and click the trigger to shoot. The bullet will be ejected from the gun, and you can once again click on it to drag it into the gun. If the bullet falls off screen, it will return to the top of the screen. Please let me know what you think & comment your high scores!

Install instructions

1) Download the zip file.

2) Open the zip file, and drag the folder from inside onto your desktop.

3) Run the executable file inside the folder to run the game


MonoChrome Bullet.zip 13 MB


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God damn, this game is juicy. The controls are a bit unclear and it's a bit rough around the edges but it's a really good time. Good job with this one